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We are an events company that combines 20 years of experience operating in the professional sports and events industry, to deliver and consult on events for corporates, individuals and charities.


Whether you are looking to take on a challenge, overcome an obstacle, build relationships, close a deal or celebrate a workplace success; our expertise in event logistics, catering, client entertainment, and activity planning will ensure you have a truly memorable experience.

We deliver packaged and bespoke events for our partners, as well as advise businesses or individuals operating white label events.

Off the shelf or tailored events suited to you and your event objectives. Ideal for corporates and charities

ONE PRO Sports Events owned events for corporates and individuals

Using our experience and infrastructure to support the operation of your own events business



Purpose: Adobe’s aim was to inspire and bring together their own B2B customers (Deloitte, Samsung, and HP), in an open-minded and welcoming environment. The objective was to help their clients think differently about B2B marketing; placing them in a unique environment that motivated them to explore ideas and thoughts from exceptional angles.

Location: Provence, France

Guests: 20

Length: 3-days

How: Hosted in 5* accommodation, the itinerary included cycling, hiking, yoga, cooking, and thought leadership discussions.


Purpose: A charity fundraising ride to raise £500,000.

Location: Croatia

Guests: 65

Length: 4-days

How: Over four days, riders took on a point-to-point ride on a signposted and supported route. Individuals and teams from a wide breadth of backgrounds were able to network and raise funds and awareness for charity. The Velusso team provided all-encompassing logistical support: from feed stations to ride leaders, signposting and mechanical support.


Purpose: In a time of great change for the Skybet business, the leadership team wanted to develop an environment where they could openly discuss the future of the business, and develop strong relationships.

Location: Palma, Spain

Guests: 14

Length: 4-days

How: Accommodation was organised in two fully hosted 5* villas, with activities including cycling and golf.


Purpose: Silicon Valley Bank wanted to create a networking event that would allow them to develop client relationships, and create life-long partnerships.

Location: London, UK

Guests: 30

Length: 1-days

How: Based in a country hotel in Marlow, and using a professional WorldTour women’s team as ride leaders; Velusso provided organisation and ride support, along three routes that allowed all riding abilities to take part.


Purpose: Logos wanted to unite a global team in a unique and vibrant setting; celebrating new friendships, great bike riding, and fantastic cuisine.

Location: Nice, France

Guests: 10

Length: 4-days

How: Individuals were encouraged to challenge themselves, but in a relaxed and friendly environment. The group was brought together through shared experiences — challenges, rewards, and new adventures.



We create exceptional events to enable charitable fundraising. In a world where sponsorship requests are a daily occurrence for many, our unique challenge events will help your fundraising mission stand out from the crowd.

Client Engagement

Taking your clients out of the office and into a physically active environment has been proven to boost productivity, create better relationships, and engage a different side of the brain. 

A day in the saddle or hiking through the hills creates a shared experience, and an enduring bond. Get those outdoor endorphins flowing, and the conversation will come easily.


Wellness and wellbeing of employees is essential; both for employee satisfaction, and company health. 

Prevention is far better than cure — offering your employees a relaxing and active break from a fast-paced working environment is a fantastic way to reduce stress, increase productivity, and promote mindfulness.

THE 21 is a cycling event giving amateur cyclists and corporate businesses the opportunity to take part in the toughest cycling route in the world, the Tour de France. Following the success of the inaugural event in 2019 ONE PRO Sports Events are proud to be operating THE 21 in 2020.

THE 21 will begin on Friday 26 June 2020, just one day ahead of the Tour. The full route is split into 3 day blocks and can be ridden by a combination of corporate groups, individuals, as well as full time riders taking on the entirety of the gruelling challenge.

The event provides a fantastic platform to raise funds for your chosen charity.


ONE PRO SPORTS EVENTS was founded in 2019, following the coming together of the teams behind the former ONE PRO Cycling Team, the highly successful sports team and a member of the ONE PRO brand, and Velusso, the flourishing company offering cycling holidays, corporate events, and running a network of vibrant cycling cafés.

The combined partnership aims to deliver premium sporting events for corporate clients, charity teams, and private collectives.

Matt Prior

Matt spent over a decade playing professional cricket at the highest level, before retiring to set up his own cycling team — ONE PRO CYCLING.

His experience owning and running the team for four years provided him with an in-depth knowledge of the sport, nutrition, insurance, and event organization. Matt has then used this knowledge to create ‘The 21’ — a cycling event that allows amateurs to ride the same route as the professionals in the Tour de France.

James Bowtell

James set a World Record for racing across Europe in 2014, before working for leading corporates in the finance and travel industries; including KPMG, PWC, and TUI Travel. He founded Velusso in 2017 and developed the company into a flourishing brand that is now ONE PRO Sports Events. His success directing Velusso events for Adobe, Silicon Valley Bank, Skybet and Linklaters demonstrates his passion for delivering at the highest level.

Becky Frewing

Becky was part of the team to set up the ONE PRO brand back in 2014 and has worked across all concepts. She has previous experience in the football industry and for the past eight years has worked in corporate and sports events organisation; managing professional cycling teams and partnerships with high profile clients such as Aston Martin, Aberdeen Standard and White & Case. With an eye for detail and the ability to manage premium events she is a true specialist at delivering unique VIP experiences. 

Reeta Nykänen
Events Manager

Reeta has a background in International Relations and has worked in numerous overseas embassies. This unique skillset has proven invaluable with her work managing and delivering events for high profile clients such as Silicon Valley Bank , One More City and Adobe. Reeta is an organiser and planner of meticulous detail and before ONE PRO Sports Events was responsible for creating and developing a European-wide travel offering company in the leisure and tourism industry.